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This manual can be used as the general technical basis for the production, operation and management of mobile concrete mixer. Standards and restrictions have been established for specific work areas to ensure normal and orderly production and management. Of course, the concrete mixer company must increase or decrease according to the actual needs of the company to improve work efficiency and production.

1 The mixer shall be parked on a flat and durable ground with good drainage ditch. After installation, the lower hand arm must be used to lift the frame to a horizontal position so that the tire can be suspended on the ground.

2 If it is necessary to install a hopper pit mixer, the hopper hole shall be laid to prevent groundwater from entering the pit. The contact surface at the bottom of the loaded rail frame must be tamped or paved with bricks, and the back of the rail frame shall be provided with wooden supports to avoid the deformation of the rail.

3 When the funnel is at the lowest position, add a cushion between the funnel and the bottom.

4 Four key tests before surgery:

(1) The rise and fall of power supply voltage shall not exceed 5% of the rated value;

(2) The motor is firmly connected with the battery, and the connection of the zero protection wire and the grounding resistance meet the requirements.

(3) All transmission mechanisms, working devices and brakes are fixed reliably, and open gears and pulleys are equipped with protective covers.

(4) The quality and quantity of transmission oil meet the requirements.

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5 The mixer must be operated without load before operation. Make sure that the direction of rotation of the mixer or mixing knife is consistent with the direction of the whole body. The mixer must be rotated and rotated for several minutes without vibration or vibration or abnormal noise.

6 The hopper lifting test shall be conducted before work to confirm the flexibility and reliability of the grip and brake.

7 The match between the indicated and actual water volume in the water supply system shall be checked and corrected. If the error exceeds 2%, check the pipeline leakage point or repair the throttle valve.

8 After the agitator is started, power the mixing drum when it reaches the normal speed. After feeding, replenish water in time. Each feeding shall not exceed the rated capacity of the mixer to reduce the phenomenon of viscous material tank. Conveying sequence of cement sand or cement sand.

9 When approaching materials, it is strictly forbidden to put the head or hand between the hopper and the support, and it is strictly forbidden to put the hand or tool in the mixing drum, so as to stretch and distribute materials during operation.

10 During the operation of the mixer, no one is allowed to walk under the hopper or under the hopper; If the pit under the hopper needs to be repaired or cleaned, the hopper must be lifted and locked with a chain or pin.

11 Put the materials into the mixing drum during operation. After unloading all the original concrete in the mixing drum, add new materials.

12 Observe the operation of the machine during operation. If there is any abnormality or the bearing temperature rises excessively, please stop the machine for inspection. If maintenance is required, take the concrete out of the mixing drum and then carry out maintenance.

13 For each feed, the additional diameter shall not exceed the allowable value, and the additional volume shall not exceed the specified feed speed. 

14. After operation, the mixer must be completely clean. When entering the oil tank, the operator must turn off the power, remove the fuse, lock the control box, hang a "No Open" sign, and have a specially assigned person supervise.

In a word, the production of concrete mixer requires the operator to conduct safety inspection and timely maintenance according to the instructions. On the premise of fully meeting the equipment operation requirements, ensuring the normal operation and safe production of the equipment can improve the efficiency and service life of the equipment.