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HZS90 concrete batching plant
Crete Time:07-14-2014

 HZS90 ready mixed concrete batching plant description:

HZS90 ready mixed concrete batching plants designed by Bona Enterprise on the basis of adoption of foreign sophisticated technology combined with absorption of essence of traditional technology. In fact, HZS90 ready mixed concrete batching plants is really low cost concrete batching plant when right operating.
HZS90 ready mixed concrete batching plant features:
1. The whole plant uses automatic control systems, Siemens PLC, Schneider Electric components, computers and printing integration, simple operation, easy to debug.
2 "double composite spiral band" host mixer is designed with iron-chromium alloy wear-resistant materials with high shock resistance mechanical strength, good wear-resisting property. Proper service life is 50,000 pots, a substantial increase in product life!
3. Adopt belt type feeding machine to ensure abundant raw material to promote high efficiency and use international famous brands for weighing system, weighing accuracy and sensitivity to ensure the quality of concrete.
4.Pneumatic system is with Taiwan Fusheng well-known air compressor, providing sufficient air supply for the entire concrete mixing plant.
5. Using section structure, unit modulation, fast installation and debugging and moving is very convenient.
HZS90 ready mixed concrete batching plant application:
HZS90 ready mixed concrete batching plant is suitable to produce the commodity concrete and construction concrete in each kind of architectural project, including the water conservancy , the electric power , the railroad, the road , the tunnel, the arch of bridge , the harbor-wharf and the national defense-project and so on. 



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